Ecommerce Marketing Strategies and Tips That Convert

What are the benefits of an ecommerce marketing strategy?

Organic traffic

Organic traffic is one of the top benefits of a marketing strategy, as opposed to paid traffic which stops when your advertisements do. Creating relevant content supported by keywords can help bring in consistent traffic to your ecommerce. 

Achieved through: SEO and content marketing

Social shares

Social shares act as testimonials or reviews and signal that your content is worthy of engagement. You can calculate your engagement rate by taking the total number of interactions / total number of followers x 100%.

The more you create content your audience wants to share, the more likely you are to be on their mind when they come to make a purchase. 

To analyze your most engaging content, just head to BuzzSumo’s Content Analyzer and type in your website domain. From there you can learn from your top content, and repeat success strategies.

Check out our guide on repurposing content to make it once and transform it over and over again! 

Achieved through: social media marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, Pinterest

Brand awareness

While this might not feel tangible at the beginning, brand awareness is an incredible benefit to your business. Awareness campaigns can gently introduce your brand to potential customers without feeling invasive. 

This can be done on any platform with any content type. Consider what your company stands for, your vision, and benefits you offer to customers. Through repeated soft reminders, your brand can become a household name. 

Achieved through: any

Reaching all parts of the funnel

Content can assist your customer at every point of their journey.

It can begin on Pinterest when someone lands on your website after clicking a pin created about summer fashion trends.

Once the visitor reaches your website, a live chat can assist with any questions they might have.

And, maybe they added a few items to their cart and never checked out.

An abandoned cart email can help finalize the sale. 

Achieved through: combination


A simple website leaves little to share, but a website with content presents opportunity. If you create relevant and engaging content, you’ll be rewarded with backlinks.

These can also be attained through digital PR efforts and building relationships with publications, journalists, and influencers. 

Achieved through: content marketing, digital PR

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