How to Write a Book in 100 Days

Let’s start with the obvious: You don’t know how to write a book. I’ve written seven books, and I don’t really know how to write a book either. I have a process that works, sure, but with writing, as with many things in life, it’s always when you think you know what you’re doing that … Read more

How to Build Your Personal Brand as a Marketer

As a marketer, how you build your personal brand gives you an edge. It’s how you present your personality, passions, and work experience online and offline. Though everyone’s brand is unique, there are some best practices that apply universally to how marketers can build up their personal brands and grow followers into customers or clients. … Read more

30+ Ideas and Tips to Write Your Best Book

Everyone thinks writers get their ideas from some lightning strike of inspiration, but the truth is that developing ideas for a book—good book ideas—takes work. How do you get ideas to write your book? If you’re a new writer, or even an experienced writer who is searching for your next topic, coming up with book … Read more

Ecommerce Marketing Strategies and Tips That Convert

What are the benefits of an ecommerce marketing strategy? Organic traffic Organic traffic is one of the top benefits of a marketing strategy, as opposed to paid traffic which stops when your advertisements do. Creating relevant content supported by keywords can help bring in consistent traffic to your ecommerce.  Achieved through: SEO and content marketing … Read more

Why You Should Start Promoting Your Writing Before You’re “Ready”

Today’s post is by author Catherine Baab-Muguira (@CatBaabMuguira). Years ago, I had a freelance article go viral, or at least modestly viral, racking up over 50,000 Facebook shares. I received my first-ever invitations to appear as a guest on podcasts and even NPR. I also received dozens of friendly and often deeply personal messages from readers, plus … Read more

Using ChatGPT for Book Research? Take Exceeding Care

Photo by Jason Tuinstra on Unsplash Today’s post is by author and book coach Susanne Dunlap (@susanne_dunlap). WARNING: Research Rabbit Hole Ahead I do a lot of research for my historical novels, so I’m interested in knowing about anything that might make that process faster or easier for me. And honestly, I’m curious about ChatGPT in general. … Read more

13 Trust levers your company can pull

In recent years, “transparency” has evolved into a buzzword gaining momentum in the business sector. Once a “nice to have” perk, it’s become a necessity for companies. Transparency is now essential to build trust in your stakeholders — from your customers to your employees and investors — as well as to drive success. Let’s dive … Read more